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Latest release!

Meeting Friends is the latest release by Thomas Baynton!  Remember doing that?  Created during lockdown… 4 tracks about meeting friends in a cafe.

thomas baynton meeting friends4

Inspired by a trip to Andalucia!

Thomas Baynton Andalucian Textures


New EP!  “After The Crash” is a new 6 track EP that tells the story of a victim of a car crash.  Not exactly fun/fun/fun!  But it is done tongue-in-cheek in the style of a 1950s B-Movie, complete with some 1950s dialogue.  The piano is felted and recorded on a close microphone, for added ambiance!

Spotify link: click here

  Berth is a 15 track album which includes remastered versions of the two earlier EPs, alongside seven new tracks.  Berth relates to one of the first songs that I ever wrote.  It was the beginning of a career… and the start of a new day.  I was fascinated with wordplay at that time and I played around with the image of dawn and a twin berth yacht. The music was inspired by that combination.


Link – Spotify

Link – iTunes

Also available on Tidal, Amazon, Deezer and other music streaming websites.

I have an increasing interest in chillout music that aids relaxation and work study.  Very “mindful”;  especially the soulful piano styles of Nils Frahm, Keith Jarrett and Olafur Arnolds.   Composing similar tunes is a fantastic way of relaxing and de-stressing. I hope these tunes have a similar effect on you.

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