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Welcome to Sheer Bravado Music!

Latest releases!

New 4 track EP by Thomas Baynton!

“What Tomorrow Brings” by Sheer Bravado!

“The Bench by the River” by Lincoln Blue

“Interaction” and “Less Interaction” by Undulate

“It’s All Around You” by Sheer Bravado!

“Emergent” by Lincoln Blue

“Clarify” by Undulate

“Call Me!” by Sheer Bravado!

Sheer Bravado Call Me 2

2 singles by Undulate.  Electronic House Chill…

“Honestly” by Jenufar

Planet by Jenufar

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New Sheer Bravado singles!  Yes two on the same day!  Same tune, same backing track but 2 different vocalists!  Which one will you choose?


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“Future” by Jenufar is a fantastic clean and modern pop single!

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New single by Sheer Bravado!  “I Feel The Rhythm” is the latest dance single and it reflects the sound and rhythm of disco music.  It features another amazingly funky bass line!

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New artist!  1st single!  “You Pulled Me Under” is the first release by Jenufar.  It is a disco inspired dance single with a fantastic funky bassline!

Jenufar You Pulled Me Under 400x400

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New Capital Queue EP!  The latest EP by Capital Queue is based on Todorov’s Theory of Literature.  Say what?!  Yes, Todorov had a theory about narrative writing which basically states that a story begins in one state that gets disrupted with some sort of problem.  The characters recognise that there is a problem and set about finding a solution (reparation).  They succeed and the result is a new state of equilibrium in which everyone has learned or changed.  Got that?  Good!  Now you can listen to music and sounds that reflect all that!

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Thomas Baynton’s new EP is out now on all major music streaming websites!  More details on the Thomas Baynton page.


“Get Ready For The Weekend (Retro 80s Mix) reaches #22 in the Music Week Commercial Pop Chart!


Sheer Bravado! have released a new single entitled “Get Ready For The Weekend”!  The Retro 80s mix is released first, followed by some more mixes.  Further details are in the Sheer Bravado! page.

“Your Perfect Disguise” reaches #21 in the Music Week Commercial Pop Club Chart!

31st August 2018 MusicWeek

“Such A Good Life” is out now on all music streaming websites!  It is the latest single by Sheer Bravado! and it again features the soulful vocals of 1Luv.  Go to the Sheer Bravado! page for more detail.

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“Your Perfect Disguise” is the latest single by Sheer Bravado!  It signals a new direction as it is more pop/dance genre.  There are two main mixes:  the Master Mix by award winning producer Aubrey Whitfield and the 80s Retro mix by Sheer Bravado!.  Listen now on iTunes and Spotify

More details on the Sheer Bravado! page.

Sheer Bravado An Indie Soul Album 1425x1425

Latest news!  Sheer Bravado! has released an album!  “An Indie Soul” is the first album and features 4 new tracks as well as the first 7 singles.  Click on the link for more details: Sheer Bravado!

The last single was released in March.  “This Song is 4 You” features the fab vocals of Aliz Smith and is about being inclusive about race, colour, poverty and age… everybody!


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“Let It Shine” was released by Sheer Bravado! in January and it features the fabulous soulful vocals of AJ Lewis.  Listen now!

Sheer Bravado!


New album released!

At the End of the Tunnel 300x300

Capital Queue’s first album “At The End of the Tunnel” was released on 6th February and features 13 tracks!  It can be purchased or streamed from Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, Napster, Google Music, Deezer etc etc.  Please go to Capital Queue’s page for more information.

New album released!  Thomas Baynton’s debut album is out now!  “Berth” is available on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon and other streaming websites.  Go his page for more details: Thomas Baynton’s page


“The Beetle Trip E.P.” is the latest release by Capital Queue.  Go to their page for more details: Capital Queue




“Time To Hit The Road Again” features the jazzy, soulful baritone vocals of Dennis Demille (a la Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Gregory Porter and Tom Jones).  The song is an emotional journey of someone who feels the need to move on.
Listen now!  Click on the Spotify link:


It is available on iTunes, Groove, Deezer, Tidal, Napster,  Amazon and others. Search for Sheer Bravado!
Alternatively, there is a video!


Find your soul!  Or Indie.  Or Motown or jazz…

This is the work of producer and songwriter Vince Ford.  An eclectic mix!

Sheer Bravado!    (Indie / Motown / Soul)

Thomas Baynton (Piano Soul)

Temper! Temper!    (Indie / Alternative)

Capital Queue    (Guitar based Jazz Rock)

About Vince Ford