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A song about hope… “What Tomorrow Brings” is out now!

“It’s All Around You” was written during the Summer of 2020 amidst the protests across the world regarding Black Lives Matter, Economic Inequality, Gender Inequality and Global Warming, “It’s All Around You” reflects Vince Ford’s longstanding views on how the world’s wealthy so-called “Elite” fight against any form of change in order to maintain their status and wealth.

“Call Me” is a dance pop track with Clean Bandit style strings.

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More of a disco feel about these two singles. Chic-style strings and a dominant synth hook, alongside a choice of two different vocals!


Two singles!  “The One That You Choose” has two versions sung by two different vocalists:  Jenufar and Lady Lou. Which one will you choose?  Click on the links.

The One That You Choose feat. Jenufar – Spotify link and iTunes link.

The One That You Choose feat. Lady Lou – Spotify link and iTunes link.


I Feel The Rhythm continues the new direction! Dance! Disco! Funk!  Check out the bassline!

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Get ReadyForTheWeekend_1425x1425

September 2018 – “Get Ready For The Weekend (Retro 80s Mix)” is released!  Featuring (once again) the soulful vocals of 1Luv, this club mix has been rush released on the back of the chart success of “Your Perfect Disguise”.  More mixes will follow shortly…



Featuring the amazing vocals of 1Luv, “Such A Good Life” is the August 2018 single by Sheer Bravado!  Initially it’s a laid back and soulful dance groove but there is a twist both lyrically and musically in the chorus where it is suggested that life can only be good if you are free and not repressed.  Out now on all good music streaming websites!

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“Your Perfect Disguise” is the June 2018 single by Sheer Bravado!  It features the amazing vocals of 1Luv and a Master Mix by award winning producer Aubrey Whitfield, alongside an 80s Retro mix by Sheer Bravado!  This signals a new pop and dance direction with forthcoming tracks in the same genre.  Listen now on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Napster, Tidal etc etc



 1st album is released!

“An Indie Soul” was released on May 9th and features the first 7 singles plus 4 new tracks.  The title is a double meaning:  Vince Ford is an independent person and the music captures his soul and indie music influences.  It is available for streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and others.  Please listen now!

Sheer Bravado An Indie Soul Album 1425x1425

“This Song is 4 You” was released on March 29th and features the fab vocals of Aliz Smith.  It’s all about being inclusive regarding race, colour, poverty and age.


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“Let It Shine” is a single by Sheer Bravado! that features the fantastic vocals of AJ Lewis.

Hold your torch up to the world and let it shine!

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“Hold Tight” by Sheer Bravado! ft. Senay was released on 16th October.  It’s another fab, motown-style neo-soul tune.  Play it now on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer and Amazon etc.


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“Time To Hit The Road Again” features the jazzy, soulful baritone vocals of Dennis Demille (a la Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Gregory Porter and Tom Jones).  The song is an emotional journey of someone who feels the need to move on.

Listen now!

Jai Lynn
“Look At Me Now” by Sheer Bravado!


Sheer Bravado Body Blows

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It’s also available on iTunes, Groove, Deezer, TidalAmazon and others.

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Dennis DeMille
Dennis Demille
Jai Lynn
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The Story of Sheer Bravado!:

I returned to music production in 2016, just aiming to write new material and get it out there on the internet.  Then I discovered the wonderful soulful vocals of Jai Lynn and she set me onto the route of writing more soul-influenced tracks.

I grew up in a pub and slept above the jukebox.  Those 45s became the soundtrack of my life.  They initiated a lifelong love of music that still resonates today.  Roxy Music, Genesis, Motown, ELO, U2, Radiohead and many others influenced me.  I have never subscribed to any one genre above another.  They have all influenced and inspired me with sheer bravado.  Now it’s time to add the exclamation mark!

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