Capital Queue

Latest release!

“Let’s Get Through This” is the latest EP by Capital Queue.  Written during COVID-19 lockdown…

“Telephone” from Capital Queue.  Jazzy and eclectic… as ever!

Capital Queue Telephone

Todorov’s Theory EP

This EP is based on Todorov’s Theory of Literature. Say what?! Yes, Todorov had a theory about narrative writing which basically states that a story begins in one state that gets disrupted with some sort of problem. The characters recognise that there is a problem and set about finding a solution (reparation). They succeed and the result is a new state of equilibrium in which everyone has learned or changed. Got that? Good! Now you can listen to music and sounds that reflect all that!
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Capital Queue’s first album is available now!

At the End of the Tunnel 300x300

At The End of the Tunnel continues the roadtrip theme of The Beetle Trip EP which came out in 2017.  It also contains remastered versions of that release, alongside those of their first EP plus six new compositions.  Once again, all tracks are instrumentals in the style of Booker T, the Allman Brothers and Pink Floyd with the guitar and piano to the fore.  These are not chillout tunes!  Have a listen!

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The Beetle Trip E.P. was inspired by a great cover photograph of a VW Beetle by Laura Fidoe.  It features 5 tracks that depict a journey along the A46 Fosse Way between Lincoln and Newark.

spotify:album:4TJZfMaIWV3GCDU0Khbxk9 (click on the Spotify link!).

Capital Queue was the name of my first band, set up when I was 15 years old.   It was a pop/indie band but my new Capital Queue is a jazz/rock act inspired by the likes of early Pat Metheny, Steely Dan and Pink Floyd.   Guitar rules the roost but be prepared for anything!

Rules will be broken…