The Producer

Vince Ford

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The Story of Sheer Bravado!:

Sheer Bravado! AKA Vince Ford

I grew up in a pub and slept above the jukebox. Those 45s became the soundtrack of my life. They initiated a lifelong love of music that started with forming an indie band in school, continued with operating a mobile disco with a mate, forming a second band in my 20s (Temper! Temper!) and starting Sheer Bravado Music to release our material.
Now, here I am in 2018. Motown, Chic, Bowie, Roxy Music, ELO, U2, Radiohead, Nils Frahm and many others have influenced me. However, I have never subscribed to any one genre above another. They have all influenced and inspired me with sheer bravado. Now it’s time to add the exclamation mark!

I returned to music production in 2016, just aiming to write new material and get it out there on the internet. Then I discovered the wonderful soulful vocals of Jai Lynn and she set me onto the route of writing more soul-influenced tracks.


Sheer Bravado Music